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Since 1986, Dynamic Engineers Inc. of Houston, Texas, has been supplying global customers with tailored solutions to their RF component requirements.  We have design engineers with the right experience to customize standard product designs to meet special functional parameters.


Specialty Areas of Expertise

  • OCXO : Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators
    • Low Phase Noise Oscillators
    • Miniature high performance Ovenized Oscillators
    • Ultra-stable Double Ovens
  • TCXO : Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators
    • Ultra-stability
  • VCXO : Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators
  • XO : Crystal Clock Oscillators
  • Crystal and LC Filters
  • Tunable Filter Modules
  • VCO : Voltage Controlled Oscillators


Focus Applications

  • Mobile Communications
  • Test Instrumentation