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Latest News | July 19, 2017

New Product Announcement: OCXO Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator : Ultra-stable 1 ppb SMD OCXO2522C-10MHz-A-V

Ultra-stable 1 ppb surface mount Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillator

Dynamic Engineers is proud to introduce the release of our latest ultra-stable surface mount oven-controlled crystal oscillator.  The OCXO2522C-10MHz-A-V incorporates the latest design and process technology, and offers outstanding OCXO performance.  ±1 ppb frequency stability, 3.3V power supply, low phase noise at 1 and 10KHz, and a compact surface mount package offer customers a highly manufacturable reference clock solution.

The OCXO2522C-10MHz-A-V is an ideal clock reference for test instruments, cellular / mobile radio base stations, and SATCOM ground station/VSAT terminals, all of which demand high stability, low noise, and compact design.

For additional information on price and availability, please contact your local Dynamic Engineers sales representative or